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Aras T-7 Contactless and Fingerprint Based Time & Attendance System
Fingerprint Sensor Contactless

Aras T-7 Contactless and Fingerprint Based Time & Attendance System

Model: Aras T-7

This Time & Attendance System has the ability to work with both Contactless and Fingerprint sensors.
Some of the important features of this device are having internal camera, micro switch keyboard, multi-media and internal speakers.
This fingerprint device is one of the most professional time & attendance system which is designed and produced by Araz professional team.



Device Features




Identification by fingerprint, card or fingerprint combined with cards
Linux Operating System
Internal 2MP camera
To power via POE
Equipped with two doors and alarm relays for control of peripheral devices
Equipped with built-in speakers and Multimedia
4.3-inch color display with calendar display
Display multilingual (Persian / English / Turkish)
Internal UPS device is capable of operating up to 30 hours during power failure
The device is equipped with Bluetooth, WiFi and modem
Unable to connect USB devices such as Flash Memory, Printers and Key Board

General Information




Weight: 1100 g
Color: two colors: black and silver
Dimensions: 9 (diameter) x 18 (H) * 25 (W) cm
Supply: 24 to 60 Volts DC - A Amps
Working environment: 0 to 50 ° C 0% to 95% RH

Hardware Specifications





Display: LCD color 4.3-inch, 272 x 480 pixels, 64,000 color
Keyboard: 21-key waterproof micro switch is very durable anti-dust
Processor: 32-bit, 433 MHz speed
Fingerprint Sensor: Scratch Korean DPI-500
Fingerprint capacity: 9,999 fingerprints
Card Reader: 125KHZ or 13.56MHZ contactless RFID frequency
Reader range: 3 to 8 cm
Ports: USB, RJ11 and network RJ45 (based on protocol TCP / IP)
Relay output: 2 relays with programmable

 Software Specification





Aras Attendance software is provided free of charge-coupled device
Arsys Attendance software can be used with this device
Smart School Management Software can be used with this device

Application Features





 Once all of the fingers to move from one machine to another registered
Special designed keyboard (similar to a bank ATM) personnel for ease of use
Ability to assign multiple operations missions, and leave ... The operating keys
Special ergonomic design for ease of movement on the registration card, or Fingerprint
Taken from the personnel records and store it in main memory access
View photos and names of personnel traveling when registering on the LCD
Register to traffic indefinitely (up traffic for several million records)
All traffic from the possibility of lifetime registration
Ability to save images to an unlimited number (several hundred photos)
Possible for an organization dedicated to Monitor Wallpaper