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Aras T-3FC Fingerprint Based Time & Attendance System with Contactless Card
Fingerprint Sensor Contactless

Aras T-3FC Fingerprint Based Time & Attendance System with Contactless Card

Model: Aras T-3FC

This Fingerprint Based Time & Attendance System which is equipped with an anti scratch fingerprint sensor and could be equipped with one of the two types of contactless cards 125 KHz or 13MHz.
Some of the important features of Aras T-3FC are very resistant micro switch keyboard and internal UPS and also it could be equipped with RJ 45 LAN port.


Device Features



Identified through fingerprint, RFID card or fingerprint combined with cards External camera connected to the device

Equipped with an alarm relay for controlling door and peripheral devices

Graphical display with night vision (Back Light)

Multilingual display (Farsi / English / Turkish) with calendar AD / CE

Internal UPS, devices enabled up to 5 hours during a power outage

To install a network module for connection devices over a network

Devices equipped Wi-Fi and external modem

Information may discharged through special flash Araz

General Information




Weight: 1.7 kg

Color: Gray

Dimensions: 55 (diameter) * 126 (H) x 200 (W) mm

Power supply: 12 V DC - an amp

Working environment: 0 to 50 ° C 0% to 95% RH

Hardware Specifications




 Display: LCD, black & white, 32 x 122 Pixels 

Keyboard: 15-key waterproof micro switch is very durable anti-dust 

Fingerprint Sensor: Optic, Korean, anti-scratch, DPI-500 

Fingerprint capacity: 9,000 fingerprints

Register traffic capacity: 20000 Record

Type card reader: RFID contactless frequency 125KHZ

Win Card Reader: 3 to 8 cm

Port: DB9 and RS 232 and RS 485

Output Relay: 1 - The ability to plan

 Software Specification




Aras Attendance software is provided free of charge-coupled device

ARsys Attendance software can be used with this device

Application Features





Once all of the fingers to move from one machine to another registered

Programmable keyboard

Special keys and leave for a mission to record

Defined card numbers to 8 digits

Send names and display names on the screen of the computer time

Display a message to the staff that carries cards

Recorded  hourly traffic types (vacation, mission, etc.)